OK, these are quite old but they’re such nice pics that I had to post them. Also, a friend of mine, Soph, is now living in Costa Rica and she always asks for updated pics of Freya. I know she checks my blog every now and then – so Soph, these are especially for you my friend. Miss you!




Hats & caps

This child loves headwear. We’re constantly getting a little finger pointing up towards the cupboard where we store them all and then she says ‘ah ah ah ah’ until we let up and bring all the hats and caps down for her to try on. She likes to try them all on and enjoys looking at herself in the mirror! Chelle bought me the Durban hat years ago when I was still living in London – it never did fit my big head, so at least Freya will get some use out of it.





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Maz and Silas

These pics were taken back in April when Maz and Silas came to Durban to visit their family. Looking at the pics now I’m amazed at how Freya bonded with Maz so easily. She can be quite clingy at times but when she’s with a true friend of ours, she is so relaxed. In these photos, it’s like they spend a lot of time together, when that’s not the case at all. I wish we lived in the same city as each other – domestic flights are so expensive in SA – it’s almost impossible to just fly somewhere for the weekend now, especially when Freya is two and costs the same as an adult. Ridiculous!








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Freya and Belinda

Sheldon’s Mom came to visit about a month ago now. She spent a week with us and had lots of good quality time with Freya. We went to the beach, Mitchell Park, took a walk around the little ‘zoo’ bit there. Can’t really call it a zoo – more like an area full of birds! Freya had a ball there though. Lots for her to look at and lots of space for her to run around. We really do wish that her grannies didn’t live so far away from us. My Mom’s moving back to Durban from Joburg though – one down, one to go!







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Public holiday

So South Africa has a LOT of public holidays but I’m really not complaining. My Mom and Craig were here from Joburg to celebrate Jake’s 4th birthday. Poor Craig shares his birthday with Jake’s – so he’s now ‘forgotten’ every year. Even though this year was his 50th! Poor guy. Anyway, we got to spend some quality time with them while they were here. The Devil Duck was a gift from my mother for Freya – typically my mother’s sense of humour (and mine). I love him. We took Freya for a walk along the beach front on our day off. She loves it. She’s so interested in everything. From mangey old pigeons to her own shadow – she chased and kicked at her own shadow for ages!

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Our friends, Ed and Alex, from London, came to visit us recently. We really wanted to take them to see the Berg while they were here. We went away for 3 days and loved every minute of it. It’s the longest we’ve been away from Freya but it was a good break for us too.

While we were there, we went on a walk and came across this beautiful natural pool with a small waterfall. Sheldon and I decided that day that it would be the perfect spot to scatter Max’s ashes. We were holding on to his ashes for over a year and it was starting to play on my mind. I hated that he was in this box in my cupboard. I wanted to set him free again.

This place felt right. It was natural. It had running water. Surrounded by greenery and mountains. It felt alive and we felt good there too. We thought it would be a good place to go back to one day, when Freya’s older and understands.

We went back the next day to scatter his ashes. We got in the freezing cold water and opened the box. Sheldon poured his ashes in to my hand and then did the same in to his hands. We let go of him in the running water and said our goodbyes and cried our tears.

It was so hard but it was something we needed to do. Our final goodbye to our boy.























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Baby shower

I went to a friend’s baby shower on Saturday – ate far too many savoury snacks but I couldn’t help myself. After being so strict during the week with diet and training, I felt like spoiling myself. If you’re interested in getting personalised bunting made for parties, eco-friendly stripy straws or any other party decorations, go take a look at Cherry Blossom for more details on products and ordering.


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My friend Sam came back home on a short holiday with her partner Lloyd and new baby girl, Ella. A friend of hers that she used to work with, made Max and Freya a little knitted tooth each. It’s got a dent at the top for the tooth and then the tooth fairy replaces the tooth with money. I loved this idea and thought it was so sweet. Sam was worried about giving me both after we lost Max but I wanted both of them. Our babies came out as a pair and these gifts were made for them both as a pair and that’s the way it’ll stay. Big thanks to Shahnaz Ahmed for taking the time out and making these for our kids even though you’ve never even met us! Please go take a look at her website and she’s also on Etsy.

Sam also got me this very cool tea towel from a pop up shop called Ham. A rabbit bouncing on a trampoline – how could you not love that?

The tapestry ‘rabbit on my head’ will get hung up in Freya’s room.

Thanks Sam for being the incredibly generous person that you are. Love you so much.

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Freya at the Frédérics

Some pics from when Freya stayed with her aunt and uncle. Jo always sends me pics if we’re apart so I can see what she’s up to. I even get pics of her when she’s fast asleep! Just so I know all is well. I love the updates and it keeps me sane while we’re apart. Thanks for looking after our baby girl like she’s your own my sista.

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