If you’re not already following Maddie, you should. I love the photography and I love this dog!






My friend Sam knows that I love funny dogs. She sent me this little beaut on Whatsapp the other day. His name is Tuna. Don’t you love the overbite? The bow tie just finishes the look off so nicely. He looks like such a nerd.



I showed him to a friend of mine at work and 5 minutes later, she sends me this little guy. Look how sheepish he is. So embarrassed.


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Basic RGB

I never used to get Pinterest. I didn’t see the point. Until I created my first board to store all my pics of my dream kitchen. Well, did I get sucked in . . . I absolutely love it now. I go on every morning to see what new pics are on there, add on to all my different boards and before you know it, it’s 9am and I haven’t done any work yet! I call it research OK? I’m getting inspired. Leave me be.

Anyway, if you want to follow my boards, click on this link. I tried to create a Pinterest widget but it doesn’t work and I lost my temper. Officially over it.

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I’m back people

Yes, yes, that’s right I’m back. I know it feels like your right arm has been cut off (or left if you’re left-handed). Like your life has been feeling a bit empty. Like something is missing. Well, no need to worry because I’m back on track. I was thinking about stopping this blog completely because I just don’t have the time to sit down and write. To download pics and make them look pretty. But I’m going to be more disciplined with my blog as I have a lot to say (some things never change) and I’ve been taking so many pictures so I need to offload.

You know, in the old days, before Freya, I would spend ages online, trawling through blogs, getting inspiration on what to cook, sharing recipes with friends, spend ages in Waitrose analysing food, get home and take my time cooking creating something incredible of course! Ha ha ha. Seriously though, I’m lucky if I have the energy to make us scrambled eggs on toast for dinner.

My friend Laura asked when I would blog again. She said that she was missing my recipes. Well Lau, it might be a while before I get back in the kitchen again but I’ll get there soon, I promise. Trying my best but it’s so hard with a new baby, new home and a new job.

Anyway, I really want to share this amazing blog which a friend of mine at work passed on to me. I love all these animal prints. So up my alley. I love this blog. Hope you do too.

This guy is my best – he looks like a Russian spy
And the one next to him with a bob? A Parisian spy perhaps?


I have to introduce you all to my dad’s new puppy, Lucy. She’s so sweet.
He brought her over to my sister’s place the other night and she sauntered
around here like she owned the place. She’s so confident and full of it.
Love her to bits already.

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New year’s day brunch

Alex and Don invited us over for a new year’s brunch at their place. Her brother, Jay,
is over from Barcelona at the moment and is staying there with his family. He’s an
incredible cook – so the food was out of this world. Home smoked chorizo and salmon,
cream cheese, bagels, poached and scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, the works!
I was in heaven. Thanks again Al and Jay!

After brunch, we all had a swim with the kids and relaxed in the sun to dry off before
heading off to James and Kia’s for more swimming and chilling. It’s a tough life in Africa.

The chef hard at work

Splashing about at Alex and Don’s


Lounging at James and Kia’s

Their other baby boy, Butch.



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Christmas day

We spent Christmas day at Jo and Steve’s house – lots of good food, sunshine,
swimming and tanning. So different to our holiday season in London!

Our homemade crackers which didn’t work too well but they looked good so who cares?

A funny pic Sam Maber sent us on Christmas day – made me laugh.

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Picnic in Mitchell Park

I went to a baby shower picnic in Durban just before I left to come back to London.
It was so chilled. Kids got to run amok outside, we ate loads of good food – too many sweet treats! Was stuffed by the time I got home. All in all a good day and yet another reminder why I want to move back to my home town!