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The ‘cronut’

OK, I think they need to work on the name of this new tasty treat… besides that, let me just tell you that the cross between a croissant and a donut, dipped in homemade vanilla custard cream was the best thing I’ve had in a very long while! Thanks to Lucy from Freedom Cafe for bringing it over to us to test out.

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Father’s day

We celebrated Father’s Day at Jo and Steve’s place last Sunday. My Dad made a Portuguese-style curried crab, while Steve’s Dad did a Mauritian-style fish curry. Both were so damn delicious. I ate far too much but it was really amazing sitting with our huge, extended family at the table outside enjoying good food and wine. One of my many happy moments of being grateful that we moved back home. Good times, good times…








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I’ve been hearing about Glenwood Bakery and Parc for so long now but I haven’t had the chance to get there until last weekend. I ordered some bread from Glenwood Bakery on the Friday as I had friends coming over for lunch on the Saturday. I called Jo in the morning and we decided to go together and have breakfast next door at Parc afterwards. I had the eggs benedict and it was delicious. The hollandaise was perfect. My eggs could have cooked for maybe a minute longer but besides that, loved it all.

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Easter brunch

OK, Easter was a while ago but I’m now trawling through all my old pics, looking to see what I can write about. I will work forward eventually so just bear with me.

Mariza was here from Cape Town for a week over Easter time. Sam invited us over to her place for brunch on the Saturday. We took a drive there with Silas and Freya. Sam really outdid herself. Her breakfast was better than any restaurant breakfast I’ve had before.

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I’ve been helping Josie a bit with setting up her room for the imminent arrival of their twin girls and the other day I took my Dad over there to help build the cot and put up a shelf. You see, her husband is about as handy as my husband when it comes to DIY. They’re both such good men – just not very good with tools!

Anyway, she was so grateful and gave us both a bag of homemade pasteis de nata (hot out the oven) and I was given an extra pressie which I opened when I got home. Well, Freya opened it – I think she was more excited about the paper and ribbons than the gift inside it. She’ll appreciate it later come December / Jan / Feb . . .

020103The shoes on the right came in a bag FULL of clothes / hand-me-downs from her cousin, Milla, the most well dressed kid in Durban. Freya and I are both VERY grateful for all the goods. Especially these little shoes. Can’t wait for her planks to fit in to them.

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I went to Remo’s Italian restaurant in Umhlanga Village last week when Chelle was in town – it’s the first time I’ve been there and I loved it. The food was incredible and I loved the decor. Although, I’ve since heard that it’s an exact replica of a restaurant in NY. That was a bit of a let down but still, the food was amazing and I’ll definitely be going back there.

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The Fat Croissant

Wendy took me out for breakfast at a new spot called The Fat Croissant on the corner of Windermere Road and Sutton Crescent. The decor needs a bit of work – it seems more like a club house at the moment. But you can sit outside which is really nice and there’s a small garden area for the kids to play.

There’s a crazy Frenchman who runs the place. Super friendly and really funny.

We both had the Eggs Benedict and I have to say it’s the best hollandaise I’ve ever had. The poached egg and hollandaise was served on a toasted croissant. So good!



I like how you get the bill – in an old enamel mug



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I know I’ve written about this place before but these pics were taken a while ago and I had to put them up as I love the place – if you live in Durban, make sure you take a drive there. It’s so beautiful.

The food needs a bit of work – it’s not the best. But it is worth it for the view alone. Stick to something simple and order a toasted sandwich or something. It’s your safest bet.

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Josie’s cooking lesson

Joselle is a fellow Porra. When I was pregnant, we went to their place for pregos. I had to blog about it because these pregos were seriously the best I’ve ever tasted. So she came round to our place a couple weeks ago and gave me a cooking lesson – while she’s 5 months pregnant with twin girls please. The girl is a machine! Anyway, now that I’ve been taught how to make them myself, I just know that they’re never going to taste as good as hers. She also made some peri-peri prawns to start with, which gave my Dad’s prawns some serious competition! They might have to have a Prawn Off one night. I’ll be the main judge of course.

Josie arrived in the same shirt as me – had to snap a pic and then I went and changed my top! Look at her cute belly. Love it.

The lovely Lee with Freya

Prawns in the most delicious marinade ever

Mmm, these were eaten with fresh Portuguese rolls – the best part was dipping your roll in the sauce. I’m actually salivating while I’m typing this.