Whenever I see this pic, I laugh out loud and think of my sister. She has such a fear when it comes to our little feathered friends. I used to torment her as a kid by running through a lazy bunch of pigeons at the beach so they would flap around her head and freak her out. Shame, I wasn’t a very nice younger sister. Or maybe I was a typical younger sister? Your call…


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Public holiday

So South Africa has a LOT of public holidays but I’m really not complaining. My Mom and Craig were here from Joburg to celebrate Jake’s 4th birthday. Poor Craig shares his birthday with Jake’s – so he’s now ‘forgotten’ every year. Even though this year was his 50th! Poor guy. Anyway, we got to spend some quality time with them while they were here. The Devil Duck was a gift from my mother for Freya – typically my mother’s sense of humour (and mine). I love him. We took Freya for a walk along the beach front on our day off. She loves it. She’s so interested in everything. From mangey old pigeons to her own shadow – she chased and kicked at her own shadow for ages!

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I play a lot of Words With Friends on my phone. I always have the maximum amount of games going and I’m a complete addict. So there are moments like these, which I have to document because it makes me laugh out loud.

‘Sorry, twat is not an acceptable word.’

Um, yes it is. I’ve met a few of them.