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Delving through the ol’ archives now . . . these pics were taken when we went away to Zinkwazi for the weekend in March. My birthday is the day after another friend of ours, Sianne – so she invited a group of friends to go away and celebrate together – her parents have a holiday home in Zinkwazi which is only about 45 minutes out of Durban. It’s such a beautiful part of Natal and we’ll be heading back that side in December this year with another group of friends. Can’t wait!
























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I never used to get Pinterest. I didn’t see the point. Until I created my first board to store all my pics of my dream kitchen. Well, did I get sucked in . . . I absolutely love it now. I go on every morning to see what new pics are on there, add on to all my different boards and before you know it, it’s 9am and I haven’t done any work yet! I call it research OK? I’m getting inspired. Leave me be.

Anyway, if you want to follow my boards, click on this link. I tried to create a Pinterest widget but it doesn’t work and I lost my temper. Officially over it.

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Easter brunch

OK, Easter was a while ago but I’m now trawling through all my old pics, looking to see what I can write about. I will work forward eventually so just bear with me.

Mariza was here from Cape Town for a week over Easter time. Sam invited us over to her place for brunch on the Saturday. We took a drive there with Silas and Freya. Sam really outdid herself. Her breakfast was better than any restaurant breakfast I’ve had before.

photo 1 photo 3 photo 4

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I went to Remo’s Italian restaurant in Umhlanga Village last week when Chelle was in town – it’s the first time I’ve been there and I loved it. The food was incredible and I loved the decor. Although, I’ve since heard that it’s an exact replica of a restaurant in NY. That was a bit of a let down but still, the food was amazing and I’ll definitely be going back there.

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I know I’ve written about this place before but these pics were taken a while ago and I had to put them up as I love the place – if you live in Durban, make sure you take a drive there. It’s so beautiful.

The food needs a bit of work – it’s not the best. But it is worth it for the view alone. Stick to something simple and order a toasted sandwich or something. It’s your safest bet.

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Josie’s cooking lesson

Joselle is a fellow Porra. When I was pregnant, we went to their place for pregos. I had to blog about it because these pregos were seriously the best I’ve ever tasted. So she came round to our place a couple weeks ago and gave me a cooking lesson – while she’s 5 months pregnant with twin girls please. The girl is a machine! Anyway, now that I’ve been taught how to make them myself, I just know that they’re never going to taste as good as hers. She also made some peri-peri prawns to start with, which gave my Dad’s prawns some serious competition! They might have to have a Prawn Off one night. I’ll be the main judge of course.

Josie arrived in the same shirt as me – had to snap a pic and then I went and changed my top! Look at her cute belly. Love it.

The lovely Lee with Freya

Prawns in the most delicious marinade ever

Mmm, these were eaten with fresh Portuguese rolls – the best part was dipping your roll in the sauce. I’m actually salivating while I’m typing this.

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Braai at Sarah and Brennan’s

We went to Sarah and Brennan’s house for a braai last Sunday. This is another thing I love about being back home – plans being made at the last minute. They sent us a message on Sunday morning. Are we free? Do we want to go there for a braai? Yes and yes. See you later. Job done. It was a meat fest. We had ribs, pork rashers, sausages and chicken. I forced down a bit of salad to try and make myself feel a bit better. Sarah made a delicious green salad with fresh strawberries and feta. So good!

Sorry, yet again, more pics of Freya than food . . .

First time she got her arms and legs out – she was loving it.

Over it. The girl needs some baby shades. The glare was too much for her.

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Breakfast on the beach

Circus Circus is becoming our favourite haunt of late. We take a drive there first thing in the morning – we’re always up at the crack because of Freya. So as soon as we’re dressed and she’s been fed, we take a drive to the beach. There’s usually a bit of a queue but it’s worth the wait. The food is touch ‘n go sometimes but it’s worth it if you get a good spot in the front so you can people watch. There’s so much to look at. People jogging, cycling, walking dogs, people doing tricks on bikes, acrobatics etc for money. I love it. I could sit there all day. We got such a good spot when we were there on Sunday. We nabbed the table with the sofa and umbrella. Aahh, bliss . . . another shit day in Africa. This is winter? Bring it.

Good morning Durban!

Circus Circus

As I said, best seats in the house. Sheldon, cruising . . .

Madam decided to wake up as our breakfast was served


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The first time I went to Makaranga was with my ante natal group. We went there for lunch – the food was average but we still had a good time. It’s so beautiful there. It feels like you’re on holiday when you’re there.

We went there again on Sunday and we took Wendy with us. After lunch (again, average) we took Freya for a walk through the gardens. It’s such a nice walk (not a very long walk) but it just smells so good – lots of interesting trees and flowers. Loved it.

Wendy’s brother, sister-in-law and niece met us there later and we had a drink by the pool and then legged it home.


What a face. Just look at her man. She’s too much.

Had to add this in – pic with no filters. Look at that sky please.

Aunty Wends finally getting to enjoy some QT with Freya

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Watching the Sharks

We went to go watch the rugby finals at Jo and Steve’s place the other day. They invited about 30 people over for breakfast before the game started. They’re so good at hosting and entertaining for the masses. Don’t know how they fit it in with their busy lives!

Anyway, I had to dress Freya up accordingly – so she wore her finest black and white attire for the game. Pity it didn’t spur the Sharks on to win the game hey?


Freya watching the game with her cousins – she’s so into her rugby at the moment. Big Sharks fan.


Some QT with the kids reading stories

And Sheldon doing what he does best