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Some pics of gifts which were given to Freya and I for Christmas last year. The lumo wooden utensils and tea towel were made by Lisa Dixon. She did a range of goods and sold them at I ❤ Market over December – loved it all and was lucky enough to be given some utensils from Jo and then Lisa gave me the lumo yellow ones with the tea towel and little heart dish which is now in Freya’s room – I store all her clips in there for when she has hair long enough for clips! The happy face bowl and spoon was from my Mom for Freya – love it.





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This was our wedding gift from Ed – personalised stationery from Smythson! So spoilt. We’ve been using it a lot lately and feel very fancy when we post them off to people… I’ve blurred out our address so all my stalkers can’t find me.





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Merchant & Mills

Yes, I’m back. It’s been a while but I don’t have a laptop anymore. Too sad to even talk about.

Anyway, I took these pics on my big camera quite a while ago and discovered them the other day, so thought it’s about time I write about it. My friend, Edward, from the UK, came here on holiday and bought this for me. I just love. I marvelled at the box for ages before I even bothered opening it. He could have actually just given me the empty box and I would have been happy. Beautiful typography and illustration – what’s not to love? Also, take a close look and you’ll see my name on the box too! The products inside are equally as beautiful – love the attention to detail on each little thing. Thanks Ed. I miss you my friend.





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My friend Sam came back home on a short holiday with her partner Lloyd and new baby girl, Ella. A friend of hers that she used to work with, made Max and Freya a little knitted tooth each. It’s got a dent at the top for the tooth and then the tooth fairy replaces the tooth with money. I loved this idea and thought it was so sweet. Sam was worried about giving me both after we lost Max but I wanted both of them. Our babies came out as a pair and these gifts were made for them both as a pair and that’s the way it’ll stay. Big thanks to Shahnaz Ahmed for taking the time out and making these for our kids even though you’ve never even met us! Please go take a look at her website and she’s also on Etsy.

Sam also got me this very cool tea towel from a pop up shop called Ham. A rabbit bouncing on a trampoline – how could you not love that?

The tapestry ‘rabbit on my head’ will get hung up in Freya’s room.

Thanks Sam for being the incredibly generous person that you are. Love you so much.

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Cheap red

Being the non-worker, I am now super frugal when I go grocery shopping. Before I would buy the best products, organic, expensive. I’m now shopping on a budget and realise I don’t need the expensive products to make a good meal. I also have to make sure that I have enough money for a bottle of red. It’s a must. I spotted this at Spar and thought, hey, let’s give it a bash. I liked the tag. It had no label. No branding. And it cost R25. Bargain. It didn’t taste too bad actually.

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Shoppe is a new store right opposite Market. If you haven’t been there already, make sure you go and check it out as soon as possible. I can’t wait until I’m working again, so I can actually buy stuff for my home, instead of window shopping all the time.

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Gift from Jo

Jo got this beaut little baby grow for Freya from a market in Durban. I’ve forgotten the name of it. Jo? Anyway, they’ve got a website, so take a look if you’re interested. Milla’s also given us her old rattle for Freya. I love all the hand-me-downs from my sister as we have exactly the same taste in toys and clothes for kids.

Loved the tape

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My sister came to visit the other day, armed with 3 gifts. One was from the artist
Bronwen Vaughan-Evans and the other two dolls were from Jo (Bronwen’s creation).

Here’s the story: The little cast jesmonite dollies are molded from a plastic doll that is a commercially produced figure that now replaces the traditional wooden doll used by the Yoruba people of West Africa to protect the mother and baby during pregnancy. There is a very high genetic incidence of twins in the Yoruba people and often one twin would not survive pregnancy or birth. The Yourba people believe that it is the purpose of this twin to bring the other (often stronger one) safely into the world. It is believed that the Ere Ibeji doll contains the spirit of the lost twin who protects the remaining live baby. The plastic rendition of the traditional Ere Ibeji is much closer to a Victorian porcelain doll than the original wooden carvings.

Well, you can imagine that when Jo heard the story/background to these dolls, she was a wreck and had to buy me two for Freya’s room. I love the story. I know it was hard for me to read and I just burst out crying when Jo gave them to me but it does give me comfort and I’m so grateful for that. I really do believe that Max’s purpose was to bring Freya to us. It wasn’t his time now. I know he wasn’t with us for long but he was a strong little boy and he just wanted his sister delivered to us safely. Job well done my boy. I’ll love you forever.

Gift from Jo

Gift from Bronwen