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I ♥ Market

Jo took me to the market two weeks ago. I had had a horrendous night with Freya the night before – I think I must have had two hours sleep if I was lucky. Anyway, I wasn’t in the mood to go anywhere and tried to bail but Jo thought it would be a good idea to get me out the house and have a little break from Freya too. She was right! It sorted me out and by the time I got home, I conked out on the couch for another hour while Sheldon took care of our baby girl.

The market was incredible – it’s hard going there when you’re not working and watching your cash. I had to buy this box of dessert forks though. Our Portuguese grandparents used to have these, so it made me so nostalgic just looking at them. I had to purchase!

Lulu Shop

Bronwen Vaughan-Evans
Lisa bought this for Freya’s room from Bronwen’s stand. I love it so much. It’s a pin but I want to keep it on the backing card and frame it as is. Then I can hang it in her room.

Isla Designs 

iKhaya and Kim LonghurstAll I wanted to do was shuffle these letters around so they would spell some words – I’m a Scrabble addict and I need help.

I want this little wooden guy with the gold head and horns. He’s so beautiful.

Token Ceramics


Cupcake Couture


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Gifts from abroad

So this little girl of ours keeps getting spoilt from all our friends in the UK and the States. Every week we get a postcard from the post office saying that we need to collect a package which is too big for our post box! I love it. I can’t wait to get to the post office to see what’s been sent.

Last week I went to collect and there were 4 big envelopes as well as a big box full of presents! I braved it and went there with Freya. Carried her in there while she was still in the car seat. She was sleeping peacefully in the car. As soon as I stepped in to the post office, she started screaming blue murder! So there I am trying to calm her while standing in a long queue – I eventually get to the front of the queue and the guy takes so damn long to get all my things. Needless to say I was very hot and sweaty by the time I got out of there. Poor Freya was practically hoarse from all her crying!

Really special handmade gifts from Marie

An embroidery spelling out Freya’s name – this will go on her bedroom door

Screenprinted cushion cover and tea towel

A gift from Claire – beautifully wrapped

Denim dress for Freya from trendy Broadway Market, cool card which is going to get framed for her in her room, a worry doll from her trip to Guatamala recently and a bar of soap for moi.

Close up shot of the soap wrapper – love the typography! I left it on for two weeks and admired it every time I was in the bathroom. Finally decided to use the soap because it smells so damn good.

Gifts from Poni and Frog

The softest brush ever – Frog even wrote her name on it for us. Love!
I brush her hair whenever I feed her. She goes in to such a trance.

Freya’s first party pack from her cousin’s birthday party

All these gifts were from Louise – she spoilt Freya with clothing and such a beaut blanket from Mothercare. It’s her best. Loo even packed in a box of Yorkshire Gold teabags for me! Love her. x

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Freya and I have both been so spoilt. Last week we had so many presents arriving
from the UK – I still can’t get over how thoughtful and generous everyone has been.
I count myself lucky every day.

Baby shower gift from my Dad and Isobel – beaut gift box from Mr Price

The artist, Kim Longhurst, gave me one of her limited edition prints. I was so touched.
I haven’t even met her before – I just think it was such a kind gesture. It’s getting framed
at the moment so I can hang it in Freya’s room – so I can’t show you my exact illustration
but look above for samples of her work which you can find at iKhaya. Don’t you love the
way she wrapped it?

Another beautifully wrapped gift from Joselle.

Such a special present from my sister – she bought this for me when she was in Paris

Such a beaut blanket from my sister – she bought us a red and white striped one too.
The material is just so soft and it’s the perfect size for swaddling – from Naartjie.

Changing mat for Freya to match the baby bag – again, from my sister Jo.
Can you tell she spoils me/Freya quite a bit?

Organic baby goods from Mandy in Cornwall – you can get the web address off the
packaging above. Can’t wait for our tiny baby to grow and fit into these beauties.

Another surprise gift from Cecelia Van Rensburg, who works with my sister at Mr Price,
and makes these cool dolls on the side. I love them! She made one for Freya – again,
I was so touched. I love how the doll is bigger than Freya. I’m going to take a pic of her,
once a month, next to the doll, so we can see her progress.

Delicious iced biscuits from Alice and Jonny – Sheldon’s wolffed down most of them
already. Nice how you can get them personalised for gifts. You can buy them from here.

Sweet blankie/toy from Dan and Kinvara in the UK – she loves it.

I found this fabric at Waste Centre and had a feeding cushion and donut made for Freya.

Clothes all the way from France – thanks to Alex and her mom. Come on little Freya,
get growing so I can dress you up reeaall nice.

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Loved this stall so much – retro / vintage kitchenware. Right up my alley!
The lady at the stall is a friend of my sister’s. She saw me eyeing out this
beautiful tot pourer and gave it to me as a gift. What a treat. I love it so
much. Go take a look at the website for more details.