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I’ve been helping Josie a bit with setting up her room for the imminent arrival of their twin girls and the other day I took my Dad over there to help build the cot and put up a shelf. You see, her husband is about as handy as my husband when it comes to DIY. They’re both such good men – just not very good with tools!

Anyway, she was so grateful and gave us both a bag of homemade pasteis de nata (hot out the oven) and I was given an extra pressie which I opened when I got home. Well, Freya opened it – I think she was more excited about the paper and ribbons than the gift inside it. She’ll appreciate it later come December / Jan / Feb . . .

020103The shoes on the right came in a bag FULL of clothes / hand-me-downs from her cousin, Milla, the most well dressed kid in Durban. Freya and I are both VERY grateful for all the goods. Especially these little shoes. Can’t wait for her planks to fit in to them.

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Hot, humid day in Durban

It was so hot here a few weekends ago. We were lying on our verandah enjoying the cool breeze but it was still super hot. We don’t have a pool so I decided to use the next best thing for Freya – our cooler box. It was the perfect fit. It’s safe. She can’t fall over. She was cool as a cucumber and enjoyed splashing around in her makeshift pool.

IMG_4463Shame, look at her rosy cheeks!

IMG_4462Yes, you have hands . . .

IMG_4465Her aunty came to visit

IMG_4466Freya’s cousin, Brody

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I went to Remo’s Italian restaurant in Umhlanga Village last week when Chelle was in town – it’s the first time I’ve been there and I loved it. The food was incredible and I loved the decor. Although, I’ve since heard that it’s an exact replica of a restaurant in NY. That was a bit of a let down but still, the food was amazing and I’ll definitely be going back there.

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Local artists

Please go take a look at our local artist’s new blog for some inspiration – Bronwen and her husband Darren have started a joint venture now. I’m already excited as I’ve just read about the Kloof SPCA which is apparently amazing – hoping to find some toys and books for Freya there. I love second hand shops and miss Fara which is in London. You could get amazing baby’s clothes which had hardly been used for £1 a piece. What a bargain. I’m not too sure where the SPCA is in Kloof but I work out that way so I’ll find out next week. Watch this space.



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Ed was over from London on a short business trip. He flew to Durban for the weekend so he could see us and meet Freya for the first time. We loved having him in our new home and even though it’s been nearly a year since we saw him last – it felt like we had just seen him the other day. It felt like no time had passed at all. That’s what they say about true friends and this will always be the case with us.

We went to Market on Friday for lunch with Wendy. We had a braai at home later that night, just the 3 of us. On Saturday we went to the beach for breakfast, walked along the beach front for a bit after we had eaten, sat on the pier watching the surfers for a while, then headed to our Moses Mabhida stadium – we’ve always wanted to take the ride to the top of the stadium but hadn’t done it before Ed arrived. So we all cruised to the top – didn’t stay up there for too long because it was so hot. The view from the top is just incredible though. Really worth R55. Cheap as chips.

After that we headed home, had another braai, played a game of Scrabble (Ed beat me) and then went out later to Taco Zulu for Wendy’s birthday get together. Got home at about 9.30pm but Freya was awake, crying, in pain, teething. She stayed up until just after midnight. I couldn’t settle her at all. She would fall asleep in my arms and then scream and cry as soon as I put her down. She eventually fell asleep ON me, in our bed! So that was that. Sheldon got the couch, Ed fell asleep with ear plugs and pillows on top of his head, while Freya and I lay in the super king size bed with air con for added comfort.

The entrance to Market

The boys enjoying a brewski on our verandah

What a day – the view from our verandah

On top of the stadium

Had to add this pic in – this is what my arm looked like at the end of the day. I had put loads of sun block on Freya and obviously she got some on the palm of her hand. So when I was holding her, she was holding me which resulted in a tiny hand print tan. She has literally made her mark on me.



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Maz and Silas

Maz is an old friend from back in the day. We were at school together but only bonded and became friends when we were in the first Mr Price movie/TV ad many years ago!

She now lives in Cape Town with her husband, Dylan, and their baby boy, Silas. She came to visit recently and it was so good to hang out again. Here are a few pics from her visit.

Maz holding Freya

Baby boy Silas playing in the sand pit

I miss this girl so much – wish we could transport CT so it was right next to Durban

Yus, always a nightmare posing in the same pic as this girl!

Freya’s pressie from Maz. It’s like she’s from the 20s in this little number. Cruising on the beach, hiding her modesty in an all-in-one number.

The face says it all



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Edward in KZN

Our friend from London arrives in Durban today. He was in CT on a business trip and then extended his stay so he could spend the weekend with us. We’re both so excited and we’ve been telling Freya about him every single day. We can’t wait for him to meet her.

Will update you all with pics and stories on Tuesday. In the meantime, here’s a pic of our Edward (in the red) with another friend, Eliot.

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Josie’s cooking lesson

Joselle is a fellow Porra. When I was pregnant, we went to their place for pregos. I had to blog about it because these pregos were seriously the best I’ve ever tasted. So she came round to our place a couple weeks ago and gave me a cooking lesson – while she’s 5 months pregnant with twin girls please. The girl is a machine! Anyway, now that I’ve been taught how to make them myself, I just know that they’re never going to taste as good as hers. She also made some peri-peri prawns to start with, which gave my Dad’s prawns some serious competition! They might have to have a Prawn Off one night. I’ll be the main judge of course.

Josie arrived in the same shirt as me – had to snap a pic and then I went and changed my top! Look at her cute belly. Love it.

The lovely Lee with Freya

Prawns in the most delicious marinade ever

Mmm, these were eaten with fresh Portuguese rolls – the best part was dipping your roll in the sauce. I’m actually salivating while I’m typing this.

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Two special August birthdays

Happy birthday to my Mom for today and happy birthday for yesterday to the best friend in the world, Nat. Love you two so much. I remember when I found out Nat’s birthday, I had to laugh because she reminded me so much of my Mom. They have the same dry sense of humour which I love. So when I was far from home, I always had Nat there to comfort me when I was low. She would always make me laugh through the tears – even when I just wanted to be miserable! This is our first birthday apart in 11 years.

I won’t be with my Mom today either – she lives in Joburg. But we can celebrate together when she comes to Durban for Milla’s birthday in September.

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Braai at Sarah and Brennan’s

We went to Sarah and Brennan’s house for a braai last Sunday. This is another thing I love about being back home – plans being made at the last minute. They sent us a message on Sunday morning. Are we free? Do we want to go there for a braai? Yes and yes. See you later. Job done. It was a meat fest. We had ribs, pork rashers, sausages and chicken. I forced down a bit of salad to try and make myself feel a bit better. Sarah made a delicious green salad with fresh strawberries and feta. So good!

Sorry, yet again, more pics of Freya than food . . .

First time she got her arms and legs out – she was loving it.

Over it. The girl needs some baby shades. The glare was too much for her.