Freaky faces

Please take a look at these pics taken by Austrian photographer Bela Borsodi. From her private New York studio, she’s unleashed a selection of freakish faces, formed and folded entirely from fashionable clothes. Titled ‘Fashion Faces’ she’s taken designer jeans, jackets, shirts and sweaters and contorted them into some unusual and grumpy faces. I loved this and thought it was so well done.






Lack of posts

So my laptop has finally given up on me. It’s over. I no longer have a laptop so my posts will be few and far between I’m afraid. I’ll have to come in to work early to do it here – or stay later to work on it – but that doesn’t sound too appealing at the moment. I can’t wait to get home at the end of the day. Anyway, enough of the boring IT stuff. Feast your eyes on this image please. I love it. Found here.


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Basic RGB

I never used to get Pinterest. I didn’t see the point. Until I created my first board to store all my pics of my dream kitchen. Well, did I get sucked in . . . I absolutely love it now. I go on every morning to see what new pics are on there, add on to all my different boards and before you know it, it’s 9am and I haven’t done any work yet! I call it research OK? I’m getting inspired. Leave me be.

Anyway, if you want to follow my boards, click on this link. I tried to create a Pinterest widget but it doesn’t work and I lost my temper. Officially over it.

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Love the logo. Love the website. Love the photography. Love the products.

My friend Chelle sent me the link to her friend’s website a few weeks ago. I want just about everything on this site.

In Monya Eastman’s own words: I custom make just about anything and everything from tables, benches, shelves, chairs, chest of drawers, desks, storage, displays, mirrors, beds, head boards, bread boards and other cool stuff.

Here are a few of my favourite items.



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Local artists

Please go take a look at our local artist’s new blog for some inspiration – Bronwen and her husband Darren have started a joint venture now. I’m already excited as I’ve just read about the Kloof SPCA which is apparently amazing – hoping to find some toys and books for Freya there. I love second hand shops and miss Fara which is in London. You could get amazing baby’s clothes which had hardly been used for £1 a piece. What a bargain. I’m not too sure where the SPCA is in Kloof but I work out that way so I’ll find out next week. Watch this space.



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Ash Black Photography

A friend of mine, Ash, kindly offered to take pics of Freya as a gift to us. She spent a couple of hours in our home and took the most beautiful pictures of our baby girl. We’re both so happy with the results. Take a look and get in touch if you’re interested. You can contact her on 082 8222 311.

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Photography / People

Another post about photography but this time something completely different.
Alex sent me this link of a blog she stumbled across the other day. Have a read. 

“Quebec, Canada-based graphic designer and photographer Ulric Collette has
created a shockingly cool project where he’s exploring the genetic similarities
between different members of the same family. By splitting their faces in half and
then melding them together, he creates interesting new people that are sometimes
quite normal looking and other times far from it. He calls this series Genetic Portraits.”

I’d love to see a pic like this of me and my sister, Jo. Interested or freaking you out?