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Beaut braai

I was searching for images on Pinterest the other day for SA’s Heritage Day and came across this super stylish braai. So beautiful! Clicked on the website and fell in love with the swing on there too – would love that swing for in our home. I’m a bit obsessed with indoor swings at the moment.

Screen shot 2013-08-22 at 3.23.15 PM



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Some pics of gifts which were given to Freya and I for Christmas last year. The lumo wooden utensils and tea towel were made by Lisa Dixon. She did a range of goods and sold them at I ❤ Market over December – loved it all and was lucky enough to be given some utensils from Jo and then Lisa gave me the lumo yellow ones with the tea towel and little heart dish which is now in Freya’s room – I store all her clips in there for when she has hair long enough for clips! The happy face bowl and spoon was from my Mom for Freya – love it.





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This was our wedding gift from Ed – personalised stationery from Smythson! So spoilt. We’ve been using it a lot lately and feel very fancy when we post them off to people… I’ve blurred out our address so all my stalkers can’t find me.





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Merchant & Mills

Yes, I’m back. It’s been a while but I don’t have a laptop anymore. Too sad to even talk about.

Anyway, I took these pics on my big camera quite a while ago and discovered them the other day, so thought it’s about time I write about it. My friend, Edward, from the UK, came here on holiday and bought this for me. I just love. I marvelled at the box for ages before I even bothered opening it. He could have actually just given me the empty box and I would have been happy. Beautiful typography and illustration – what’s not to love? Also, take a close look and you’ll see my name on the box too! The products inside are equally as beautiful – love the attention to detail on each little thing. Thanks Ed. I miss you my friend.





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Baby shower

I went to a friend’s baby shower on Saturday – ate far too many savoury snacks but I couldn’t help myself. After being so strict during the week with diet and training, I felt like spoiling myself. If you’re interested in getting personalised bunting made for parties, eco-friendly stripy straws or any other party decorations, go take a look at Cherry Blossom for more details on products and ordering.


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photo 2

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Was having a little browse online and stumbled across this pic of Cameron Diaz at the Grand Prix clutching on to her iPhone with the coolest cover ever. Had to Google and see that it’s a cover called Knucklecase. I love it so much. I need one. I want one. In gold. Thanks.



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Donations to the house

So we’ve been very lucky being given a few items for our home recently.

I was at Lisa’s house the other day and she was clearing out her workshop underneath her house. I happened to be there at just the right time – started rummaging through all the bits they were going to throw out and stumbled across this beauty.

Lisa was kind enough to give it to us. It just needed a good clean and there you have it, our very own work desk. I love it so much. Jo donated the pin board – still haven’t finished adding stuff to it but that’s an ongoing, ever changing project.

Some old family pics

Sheldon’s mom and dad


This is Jo and Steve’s sideboard but it’s staying at ours for a while as they’re busy sorting out one of the rooms at their place. I don’t mind at all . . .

I’ve been trying to get my grubby paws on this beauty for a while now. It used to be in our old flat when we were still living at home. It really suits our kitchen and brings back a lot of memories from when I was a teenager, making lots of toast on there and pouring Oros with Wendy.

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Love the logo. Love the website. Love the photography. Love the products.

My friend Chelle sent me the link to her friend’s website a few weeks ago. I want just about everything on this site.

In Monya Eastman’s own words: I custom make just about anything and everything from tables, benches, shelves, chairs, chest of drawers, desks, storage, displays, mirrors, beds, head boards, bread boards and other cool stuff.

Here are a few of my favourite items.