Sorry for the lack of posts. I need to get my A into G and download all my pics from my big camera so I can get them on my blog. I’ll get there. Will start working on it tonight. Last night was spent cooking for the little daahling. Now that that’s out the way, I can spend some time getting up to date with my pics. Many thanks for being so patient.


Jamie Oliver

Thanks to Ask Ashe and Coelho Culture for writing about me on their blogs.

I just wanted to explain that I worked for Jamie Oliver for two years as an artworker.
I worked on the food and non-food range for Jme  – working on all the packaging
from the boxes that the products came in, to the prints on glassware/ceramics to
the swingtags and insert cards.

I loved working for Jme but my time there has now come to an end.

I’ll be freelancing from now on which will give me the freedom to work on some
personal projects and to work out what I want out of life!

Take a look on the Jme website for more beautifully packaged products.